Sunrise 120/240 Volt Convertible Spa

Sunrise spa shown in caribbean blue

This spa is a six foot, five person lounger offering 35 various style hydrotherapy jets. The two and a half horsepower power plant provides hydrotherapy for unmatched relaxation. The seats in this spa are designed to fulfill your hot tub experience with two deep bucket seats (each with neck therapy) two uniquely designed jump seats for lower and middle back relaxation, and a full body massage lounge chair. A cathedral style staircase provides easy access in and out as well as an optional cool down seat for the sixth person. Combine all this with a maintenance free Permawood cabinet, ThermoService® foam insulation system and Lucite® acrylic for the ultimate 21st century spa.

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Hot Tub Specifications

Seating Capacity
5 Adults
76" x 76" x 31"
Water Capacity
275 gallons
530 lbs. dry; 2,824 lbs. filled
1 Ultra High Flow
dual-speed 4 Hp
40 Jet Nozzles
Programmable Digital Top Side Control
50 sq. ft. Pressurized
Delzone™ Corona Discharge Ozone System
Water Feature
Lighting System
12 Bulb Multi Colored LED Light
Insulating Cover
4"to 2" tapered, 2 lb.-density foam core
Electrical Requirements
240 Volt 50 Amp - 120 Volt 20 Amp Convertible 50Hz